Real estate virtual assistant possess in-depth knowledge of their field and understand all its complexities, enabling them to handle tasks such as maintaining customer relations, collecting social media feedback proactively and conducting market research in order to stay ahead of competition.

They can assist you with screening leads and following them until they turn into clients, as well as creating spreadsheets and presentations on your behalf.

Time Management

No matter your field, virtual assistants can save you time. By taking care of mundane errands on your behalf, they allow you to focus on building connections, closing arrangements, and expanding your business.

An experienced VA can be particularly useful when marketing real estate listings. They can create buyer's packets and property flyers to market your listing, manage website content updates and translate marketing materials into multiple languages to reach more potential clients.

A good VA will also be able to screen new leads, keep in touch with potential clients and convert them. They can set appointments for you and your clients - this way ensuring you never arrive late for appointments while having enough time for events such as dinner with friends or movie night with your kids.

A VA can also help organize your paperwork by setting up folders you can quickly access. Stewart, who suffers from ADHD, finds this immensely helpful; previously she had difficulty tracking down emails and documents due to being constantly distracted from what she needed; now with help of her VA she's easily able to find what she needs!


Real estate can be an incredibly competitive industry, which makes focusing on what matters essential. Hiring a virtual assistant for your real estate business can help by offloading tasks that don't have as great an impact to someone else.

Virtual assistants offer great assistance with data entry and organization tasks that free up time for more important activities, like creating flyers or mailers or producing PowerPoint slides for listing presentations.

Virtual assistants can also manage your calendar and book appointments with clients. In addition, they can send email invitations directly from CRM (Follow Up Boss), attend Zoom meetings on your behalf while taking careful notes for you to review later on.

Real estate agents tend to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities simultaneously, leaving them feeling overextended. A virtual assistant can help real estate agents stay focused on what needs their expertise by delegating time-consuming tasks to them - freeing you up for what really matters and increasing productivity. Plus, hiring one will often cost significantly less than employing full-time employees due to insurance payments and government mandated benefits packages!


Virtual assistants are available as project- or hourly-based freelance workers, making them easier and cheaper to hire for real estate businesses than hiring an in-person employee. You can try them out before committing them as an ongoing staffer for your real estate business.

VAs provide support in areas like data entry and organization, lead follow-up, client communications management, social media management and more. In addition, they may offer specialty expertise such as real estate marketing (including buyer's packets and mailers ) and transaction management.

Virtual assistants can assist with managing contracts and documents stored in your CRM, from physical contracts to digital contracts and related transaction documents like purchase agreements, loan documents and inspection reports. This service is especially valuable in real estate deals where contracts often go missing or get misplaced and could jeopardize deals.

Real estate virtual assistants can assist in keeping appointments, client meetings and other crucial dates organized and on track. Furthermore, they can assist with lead follow up by sending emails directly from CRM software such as Follow Up Boss directly to clients - freeing you up for more valuable tasks such as meeting with new clients and generating leads.


Real estate agents often spend too much time performing administrative duties such as answering emails and phone calls from potential clients, which may prevent you from focusing on meeting sales goals such as turning leads into appointments and listing presentations. A virtual assistant could take over these administrative duties to free up more time for revenue-generating activities.

Hire virtual real estate assistants and you only pay for their actual hours worked - this can be much more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees and paying their benefits packages.

Virtual assistants can save money in terms of training costs. Hiring someone experienced can ensure they hit the ground running without needing an extensive onboarding period.

Be sure to clearly outline your needs prior to hiring a virtual assistant (VA), in order to ensure they understand exactly what's expected of them and can complete their duties effectively. Setting clear expectations also prevents mismatched expectations later - for instance, Stewart suffers from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and finds that if she doesn't organize emails immediately into folders she may spend up to an hour searching for them!